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Welcome to The Viking Theater Company Established in 2005

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Welcome to The Viking Theater Company

   The Viking Theater Company is grateful to be celebrating our 19th year. During the pandemic, we have been focusing upon audio film noir 

 and 5 minute or less radio murder mysteries for your enjoyment.   In the past, we had a debut of:

     WHITE CAPS a ghost love story short film by Joanne de Simone, December 2019, at NewFilmmakers, NY. and

DEMONS a short science fiction film by Adam Hayes Blockton Official Selection New York Long Island Film Festival 2021

A New York writer returns to Iowa after his father's death to learn the truth of the missing children who never returned.

Starring: Garrett Armyn, Masha Borovikova, Erin Etheridge, Rick Grossman, Morgan Hooper, Thom Prin Jr  and Jordan Twiss

     Now on  Directed by April James. Director of Photography-Ulysses Adams. Nominated for Best Short Story NYLIFF and Audience Award 

for best film during Sunday Block of screenings NYLIFF.   Silver Award in International Independent Film Awards Festival 2022 and Official Selection in, an online film festival, May 2022.

We dedicate ourselves to presenting thought-provoking original and classical plays, short films and music videos in a variety of settings including: The Neighborhood Playhouse, The Arthur Seelen Theatre  NY, The Actor's Temple Theater and The Salmagundi Art Club. 

Our Productions: THE DYBBUK by S. Ansky, REQUIEM FOR A HEAVYWEIGHT by Rod Serling,THE TENTH MAN, THE MOTHER AND THE BIG DEAL by Paddy Chayefsky, AWAKE AND SING! by Clifford Odets, TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD by Harper Lee, THE ICEMAN COMETH by Eugene O'Neill, ANOTHER SHADE OF BLACK by Jacob Ruby-NewFilmmakers, NY,  NARRAGANSETT 1937, GOD HAVE MERCY ON THE JUNEBUG by Louis Phillips,  NORMA JEANE ENLIGHTENED by Joanne de Simone, A CONVERSATION WITH MY BROTHER  and JUST NOODLIN' by Paul Navarra screened at The Coney Island Film Festival and New York International Film Festival in L.A. and NY -THE MARK OF THE BEAST by Rudyard Kipling, THE TELL-TALE HEART by Edgar Allan Poe, THE MONKEY'S PAW by W.W. Jacobs and SHERLOCK HOLMES-THE ADVENTURE OF THE TOLLING BELL.

CONTRACT REMOVALS by Alan Barkley can currently be seen on https://vimeo.com142003835

A woman hires a contract man to remove something disturbing from her apartment. They both get more than they bargained for. Starring John Edward Kelly, Sharon Talbot and John Sarno.  Newfilmmakers,NY and Snake Alley Film Festival screenings.


Narragansett 1937

Bringing Up Baby with The Tolstoys by Louis Phillips

Mark Twain Humor

Man of Mystery by Orson Welles

The Panama Hat by Raymond Chandler

The famous Radio Mystery presented as a live reading over Zoom, Tuesday, October 25, 2022 6PM, The Mystery Book Club of The Salmagundi Club.

A woman hires detective Philip Marlowe to protect her husband from ominous threats to his life.

Audio Narration from Crossfire by John Paxton

Awake and Sing!

Another Shade of Black

Murder of Mrs. Brooks

Rebel Without a Cause, A Tribute to the film

Demons Animation Teaser

The Adventure of the Tolling Bell

Courage a poem by Maria Luisa Taylor

"Livvie and Joan in the Green Room"

Working Together

Legend of the Werewolf